KLASSIEK HOMEOPAAT & DOULA  - voor het hele gezin -            

Basic                      € 835,-

-        Intake for free

-       3 visits before birth (includes intake and birthplan)

-       Unlimited contact through email or phone before and after birth

-       Being present at birth from beginning to end no matter how long it takes and where it is (at home or in hospital)

-       2 visits after birth

-       Handing over the birth report within 4 weeks after birth (without pictures)

  • All options: last minute, planned induced labor or C-section and overdue support are included in this Basic package!)

 Last minute              € 635,- / € 150,-*

-       Hiring after week 37

-      Same as option “Wil en Wee” Basic

-      Different: only 1 visit and discussing the birth plan

 -    * € 150,- will be charged if you decide not to make use of my services after the visit.

-      Risk is that my agenda is already full!

Overdue Support          € 185,-

-  weeks pregnant 40+

-  home visit for 1½ hour- 2 hours

massage, bodywork, Rebozo

homeopathic remedy indicated escpecially for the situation

- you do not have to be a doulaclient to book this overdue support!

 Planned Induced Labor or C-section            € 300,- / € 150,-*

week before planned induced labor or C section we will meet eachother

-  * this meeting will cost € 150,-

-  It will be your choice If you decide to call me when labour starts

-  I will be standby for you from the moment you are induced

-  my doulaservices are all hours through labor until appr. 3 hours after birth

-  2 visits after birth if my doulaservices were acquired for during labor.

Optional photobook                                   € 150,-

-       Photo book including the birth report

-     A precious document of a life changing experience

-     Book can be ordered until 1 week after birth

-     Delivery within 4 weeks after birth