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Deirdre P. ( second child)

Not like my first delivery

“The delivery of my first child was very traumatic. When I was expecting again, I was not looking forward to giving birth at all. Having to face that pain again was not a pleasant thing to look forward to. Also the feeling of being “totally on my own” during the birth of my son was still fresh in my mind. My midwife advised me to hire a doula for constant support during labour.

I got acquainted with Wil, she wanted to support me during the delivery to come. She asked the right questions, she showed me what the issues were during my first birth experience. Wil helped me to get clear for myself how this time I could do it differently. She helped me to cope with my fear and to let people know what I wanted during the proces of giving birth. Not like the first time trying to please everybody except myself. Wil has a warm personality and you can rely on her.

The delivery went very well, all natural, without any intervention. A difference from day and night with the first time. Wil was a great help and support, she got me through the tough moments and I delivered my beautiful daughter on all fours. “I did it myself”, were my first words and I am so proud of that fact!

Every pregnant woman will be so happy to have Wil as her doula!”

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