KLASSIEK HOMEOPAAT & DOULA  - voor het hele gezin -            

Jacinta K. (31) first pregnancy

"I live in the UK and hired a doula here because of several reasons. Being from the Netherlands, all my family obviously lives far away, and even though my partner is British, his family lives far away too. On top of that, my partner would have to wait for someone to take over his work and then has to drive 45 minutes to get home from work if I would go into labour when he is at work. Because of this, we decided it would be good to have someone who could support us both when labour starts.

For me personally, there were other reasons too: I don’t really know how the system works here with regards to maternity services, so it is reassuring to have someone who can help me navigate this system and explain how things work over here.

Lastly, pregnancy and birth seem to be quite medicalised here, which doesn’t agree with my views at all. A doula can advocate my wishes during labour if I can’t do it myself, and hopefully prevent unnecessary interventions.

We found a great doula, who has been a great help so far. I haven’t had my baby yet, but it is great to have an independent source to turn to with questions or when I’m feeling unsure about something.

She has recommended lots of good books and websites to find out more about pregnancy and birth, so I feel more prepared and sure of myself when I go to the midwife. This is especially true because I sometimes feel my midwife doesn’t give me all the information, or refuses to give me information about something until later on in the pregnancy. Because of my doula, I have been able to read up about things like certain interventions and form my own opinion about what I want and don’t want, backed up with facts.

All in all, it is very nice to be able to turn to someone who you can ask all your questions, without feeling you might get judged for it or for your choices"


Jacinta will tell you about her birthexperience when the baby is there and when she feels that she wants to share her story. So return to this page in a couple of weeks! ( red.)


August 18. 2015

"It was great to have a doula for my labour and birth. I had a water birth at home, and my doula was a great support during the early stages of labour, when the midwives don’t stay with you yet.


My contractions started on Sunday morning, but I didn’t give birth until Tuesday morning. My doula came to us on Sunday morning and stayed until Tuesday afternoon to help clear up everything.

She helped out with advice, massage, sorting out the pool (which takes ages to prepare, so make sure you start on time!) chatting, and generally just being there and being a reassuring presence. Both me and my partner found it was very helpful to have her there, because it made us feel less anxious about everything, especially in the early stages when the midwives aren’t attending yet.


I was a bit concerned the midwives might have a problem with her being there, but as it turned out they got on really well and worked together for me. I say midwives, because in England a home birth is attended by two midwives.


I’m fairly sure that the presence of my doula helped to prevent interventions or maybe even a trip to hospital in labour, especially in the pushing stage. My baby probably had a hand on her head, which made it a bit more difficult to push her out, and at that point, my doula and the midwives worked together to come up with different positions that helped the progress.


As a last point, I can definitely recommend using a pool, because the water and the warmth help enormously to relax. It is of course very important to keep the water at a good temperature, because it’s the warmth that does a lot of the work!" 



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